Pachchaperumal rice is a wholesome short grain red rice rich in nutrients and protein that when cooked takes on a deep rich burgundy colour.

The word ‘Pachchaperumal’ means the Lord ‘Buddha’s complexion’ and has been considered a divine rice variety in the traditional Sinhalese culture.

It was often used in alms giving’s.

Pachchaperumal rice is believed to be particularly good for children as it is rich in nutrients and proteins.


Kaluheenati is dark, fine grain, and a highly nutritious red rice variety that contains medicinal properties, is perfect for daily consumption and particularly recommended for lactating mothers.

Kalu heenati rice is rich in minerals and micro nutrients such as iron and zinc and recommended for lactating mothers for daily consumption due to its nutritional value. It enhances immunity, physical strength and male sexual potency. And also its high fiber content helps regulate bowel movement (for example if there is constipation). Moreover, in ancient time, this variety was used as a medicine for diarrhea, diabetes and to lower cholesterol. 

It is effective in keeping diabetes under control as well as controlling the toxic effects of snakebites. Porridge made with kaluheenati rice is recommended for hepatitis patients. 


Medicinal & Nutritional Values

Pachchaperumal Rice :- Contains more proteins, vitamins, micro nutrients and the grain is rich in antioxidant agents. It helps to cool the body, increases the production of insulin and reduces the production of thyroxin in the body, aids the proper function of excretory system and production of some enzymes and hormones which are needed for the development of red blood cells. In addition it is good for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure. 

 Maa-Wee are a reddish-brown rice variety with a unique texture that is low in carbohydrates, and rich in protein and fiber.

Ma-Wee is also proven to have 25% to 30% lower Glycemic Index (GI) in comparison to other common rice varieties.

It has a nutrient makeup of 84.5% carbohydrates, 9.4% protein, 3.6% fat and 1.1% fiber. It is said to provide relief for burning sensation and cooling the body.

Ma-Wee rice consumed together with meat can reduce alcohol intoxication.

It was recommended for tuberculosis patients and is an effective remedy for purging and also recommended for diabetes tuberculosis, constipation, hemorrhoids and cardiovascular disease and is known to control corpulence.

Ma-Wee rice is best when soaked prior to boiling. 

KuruluthudaØ It is a delectable and nutritious red rice variety which is rich in proteins and fiber.

It has a pleasant taste.

It is said to improve bladder functioning, enhance sexual potency and helps evade Impotency. 


Rathdel is a delicious red rice variety that provides relief to those suffering from cirrhosis. Porridge and soup made with Rathdel can help fight viral fever.

It is recommended for skin rashes caused by mental stress and provides relief for ailments in the urinary system.

It also helps flush toxic excretory matter and cools the body.

Roasted and ground Rathdel raw rice tempered with ghee can be an effective remedy for purging.

It is a tested remedy for preventing the formation of stones in the bladder and gall bladder.

Porridge made out of Rathdel rice, sarana, sugar, raisins and fresh cow’s milk is suitable for those suffering from tuberculosis and lung ailments.

Consumption of boiled Rathdel rice mixed with ghee enhances sexual potency. 



Madathawalu rice is another traditional red rice variety to strengthen the immune system. 

The protein, mineral and fat content of these grains are comparatively higher than most of the other heirloom varieties of rice. 

Madathawalu is a good source of vitamins as well, and it is beneficial for lactating mothers and their infants as its components are highly recommended in Ayurvedic Treatment and Strengthen the immune system







Kuruwee exactly means 'small rice', and is sweet and soft red rice.  GonabaruØ Gonabaru is a very rare old variety of red rice that formed the staple diet of both the peasant and king.  DhikVeeØ Dhikwee is soft and wholesome red rice that is high in nutritional value.  Rath-elØ Rath El is said to improve the complexion and cure skin disease. It is also considered a cure for bladder disease and gallstones, and is prescribed for patients with tuberculosis.





Suwandel rice is an heirloom variety cultivated organically with traditional rain-fed methods in the lowlands of Sri Lanka.

Due to this reason, cultivation takes longer than with other varieties of rice, usually 5–6 months until harvest. 

It is exquisitely delicious white rice with a unique aroma; its creamy taste makes it ideal for festive occasions and ceremonies.

Suwandel's nutrient composition consists of 90% carbohydrate, 7% crude protein, 0.7% crude fat, and 0.1% crude fiber.

This variety is specially recommended for hard working people as It promotes fair and glowing skin, improves the functioning of the excretory system, enhances the male sexual potency and helps control diabetes, ulcers and constipation and also it reduces high blood pressure while inducing the nervous system of the human body, specially the nerve cells connected to the eyes and the brain.